September 2021 - July 2022


We teach REAL language based on our experiences living and teaching abroad. We know what you'll need to get by in France and Spain. Reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar practise will be woven into your lessons and we shall also teach you about the culture. Here's what you'll be covering this year!

Term 1 - On Tour!

6th Sept - 22nd Oct (7 week term)


Your teacher will take you on a tour of France/ Spain, stopping along the way at the most popular destinations where you’ll learn about local life in that city/region.

Term 2 - Speak Like A Local

1st Nov - 17th Dec

(7 week term)


We’ll teach you how to speak like a local by focusing on your pronunciation, idioms and colloquialisms.

Term 3 - Cultural Calendar

4th Jan - 18th Feb

(7 week term)


We’ll take you through the calendar teaching you about important dates and how they are celebrated such as: Epiphany, Saints days, Grand Prix, Film festivals, Spanish festivals, exhibitions, religious celebrations…

Term 4 - All About You!

28th Feb - 8th April (6 week term)


We’ll look at how to express what you have done in your work life, home life and your adventures. We’ll study the ‘Imparfait’ tense so that you can express what you ‘used to’ do. We’ll also cover: Asking questions

*Advanced groups may like to look at influential people throughout history​. Dream jobs – conditional tenses

Term 5 - Around Town

25th April- 27th May (5 week term)


We'll teach you: Directions,​ names of buildings,​ transport​ and how to read a timetable so you'll never get lost again!


*Advanced groups - Discover towns together

Term 6 - Travel & Holidays

6th June - 15th July (6 week term)



We’ll teach you how to book hotels and restaurants -How to deal with emergencies​. Directions (revisited)​

And tell you the top places to visit all ready for your summer travels!